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New Pushes to Make Student Loans Dischargeable Under Bankruptcy

Would forgiving student loans during bankruptcy provide relief to millions of Americans shouldering debt from college? That is the question several lawmakers and even the White House are considering ...
Continue reading "New Pushes to Make Student Loans Dischargeable Under Bankruptcy" »

Using Bankruptcy to Defend Against Repossession

Repossession is a type of debt collection action that creditors or third party debt collection agencies may use to recover some of their money when consumers are unable to remain current on their ...
Continue reading "Using Bankruptcy to Defend Against Repossession" »

Busting Bankruptcy Myths: The Impact of Filing

Considering bankruptcy can be an overwhelming process, and for many, the prospect of navigating this legal journey can lead to an exploration for finding answers. If you or someone you love is ...
Continue reading "Busting Bankruptcy Myths: The Impact of Filing" »

American Airlines Racks Up Close to $416 Million in Fees and Expenses During Their 2-Year Bankruptcy Case

American Airlines, its parent company (AMR) and a variety of its subsidiaries originally filed for bankruptcy back in November 2011, yet it wasn't until October 2013 that the Bankruptcy Judge ...
Continue reading "American Airlines Racks Up Close to $416 Million in Fees and Expenses During Their 2-Year Bankruptcy Case" »

W.R Grace Finally Emerges From Bankruptcy After 13 Years

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a type of bankruptcy that allows large businesses and corporations to regain control of their financial situation and reorganize their debts, so that they are once again ...
Continue reading "W.R Grace Finally Emerges From Bankruptcy After 13 Years" »

Bankruptcy Law: Discharging Debt

When filing for bankruptcy, the discharge will allow the debtor relief from the liability of their debts. Simply put, the debts that are discharged they are no longer required to pay. Furthermore, the ...
Continue reading "Bankruptcy Law: Discharging Debt" »

New York Busing Company Faces Financial Troubles

The Atlantic Express Transportation Corp. is a busing company that is located in Staten Island. The company recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and informed their employees that the company would ...
Continue reading "New York Busing Company Faces Financial Troubles" »

Before You File for Bankruptcy

When you are dealing with serious debt and a bankruptcy seems like the right choice, there are steps that you should begin taking to improve the final outcome of your case. Additionally, there are ...
Continue reading "Before You File for Bankruptcy" »

Expectations Rise that Judge Will Approve Bankruptcy Exit for American Airlines

American Airlines and US Airways have continued to push forward in their merger, in spite of a number of obstacles and one serious setback that has seemed as though it might end the whole deal. After ...
Continue reading "Expectations Rise that Judge Will Approve Bankruptcy Exit for American Airlines" »

Filing for Bankruptcy and Divorce

Filing for divorce and filing for bankruptcy can be two very important decisions that you make and you may en d up being faced with these decisions around the same time. Both should be done with ...
Continue reading "Filing for Bankruptcy and Divorce" »

Proof of Claim

One of the many details involved in a bankruptcy case is known as the "proof of claim." What is this proof of claim? After a borrower has filed for bankruptcy, the creditor will submit their ...
Continue reading "Proof of Claim" »

The Benefits of a Loan Modification

Making payments on a mortgage can be difficult and many people can find themselves in a position where they need professional assistance to be able to keep up with the financial demands. If a mortgage ...
Continue reading "The Benefits of a Loan Modification" »

American Airlines Receives Green Light to Vote on Bankruptcy Plan

American Airlines has been in the news recently for its plan to merge with US Airways and for its bankruptcy filing which originally took place 18 months ago. To be granted the ability to move the ...
Continue reading "American Airlines Receives Green Light to Vote on Bankruptcy Plan" »

When Business Owners Fall Into Debt

As a business owner there are a lot of risks that you take. When hard times come you are often the one that takes the majority of the fall or are put in the position of fixing any problems. Owning a ...
Continue reading "When Business Owners Fall Into Debt" »

Protecting Your Vehicle in Bankruptcy

For many people when they consider the option of bankruptcy their mind automatically goes to the possibility of losing their property. They may be worried about holding on to certain items or at least ...
Continue reading "Protecting Your Vehicle in Bankruptcy" »

Bringing Debt Collection Calls to a Halt

When you have debt, it is likely that you have had to endure the repetitive calling of collectors looking to retain payment. You are probably already worried about the never ending bills and the last ...
Continue reading "Bringing Debt Collection Calls to a Halt" »

American & US Airways Merge Approved by Bankruptcy Court

American Airlines recently gained an important accomplishment for the company. It wasn't that long ago that they had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This came back in November of 2011, making ...
Continue reading "American & US Airways Merge Approved by Bankruptcy Court" »

Loan Modifications and the Government

The president recently gave his inaugural speech after being voted in for his second term. While the speech gave a general overview of the direction that the country is headed, there was not much ...
Continue reading "Loan Modifications and the Government" »

The 411 on Jacoby & Jacoby Bankruptcy Specialists

Almost everyone gets in difficult financial situations. When you are caught in a hard place and need to develop a strategy to get out of debt, you need assistance. It is never smart to handle delicate ...
Continue reading "The 411 on Jacoby & Jacoby Bankruptcy Specialists" »

Supreme Court Decision Favors Arbitration

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of arbitration in cases involving consumers and companies that issue low-rate credit cards to people with low credit scores. Under the new ruling, consumers are no ...
Continue reading "Supreme Court Decision Favors Arbitration" »

Fewer Bankruptcy Filings May Not Necessarily Indicate an Improving Economy

After a steady increase over the past several years, the number of bankruptcy filings in the U.S. is finally on the decline, although this may not necessarily indicate that the economy is improving. ...
Continue reading "Fewer Bankruptcy Filings May Not Necessarily Indicate an Improving Economy" »

Los Angeles Dodgers File for Bankruptcy

The Los Angeles Dodgers filed for bankruptcy in a Delaware court on June 27 th, making it the third baseball team to file for bankruptcy in the past three years. Upon filing, the team was cleared to ...
Continue reading "Los Angeles Dodgers File for Bankruptcy" »

Star Chef Geoffrey Zakarian Files for Bankruptcy

Geoffrey Zakarian is a celebrity chef in his own right. He participates in four programs on the Food Network, including "Chopped", and has operated a number of high-profile restaurants over ...
Continue reading "Star Chef Geoffrey Zakarian Files for Bankruptcy" »

Disorganization or dishonesty? Lenders are making it difficult to get straight answers

As it is, mortgages are complicated. They become far more complicated when borrowers fall behind on their payments. Banks routinely transfer the notes underlying a property. Fees and charges stack up, ...
Continue reading "Disorganization or dishonesty? Lenders are making it difficult to get straight answers" »

Texas Congressman Files for Bankruptcy

Representative Rubén Hinojosa, a Texas congressman who is currently on the House Financial Services Committee, filed for personal bankruptcy earlier this year. According to court documents, ...
Continue reading "Texas Congressman Files for Bankruptcy" »
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