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Recent Posts in Loan Modification Category

The Benefits of a Loan Modification

Making payments on a mortgage can be difficult and many people can find themselves in a position where they need professional assistance to be able to keep up with the financial demands. If a mortgage ...
Continue reading "The Benefits of a Loan Modification" »

Loan Modifications and the Government

The president recently gave his inaugural speech after being voted in for his second term. While the speech gave a general overview of the direction that the country is headed, there was not much ...
Continue reading "Loan Modifications and the Government" »

Disorganization or dishonesty? Lenders are making it difficult to get straight answers

As it is, mortgages are complicated. They become far more complicated when borrowers fall behind on their payments. Banks routinely transfer the notes underlying a property. Fees and charges stack up, ...
Continue reading "Disorganization or dishonesty? Lenders are making it difficult to get straight answers" »

Will the big banks ever be held accountable?

Many Americans are aware that banks have been less than fair in their handling of foreclosures. They foreclosed when they could have modified. They filed false court documents. Though there were ...
Continue reading "Will the big banks ever be held accountable?" »

Banks Rushing to Foreclosure 99% of the Time

Sheila Bair, former chairwoman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) revealed some interesting information and opinions during her exit interview with The New York Times. Bair called ...
Continue reading "Banks Rushing to Foreclosure 99% of the Time" »

Easing terms on at-risk loans - are the big banks finally listening?

With millions of property owners throughout the U.S. defaulting on their mortgages and facing foreclosure, two leading lenders are helping borrowers who are not even in default by easing the terms of ...
Continue reading "Easing terms on at-risk loans - are the big banks finally listening?" »

Denied and Delayed Loan Modification Applications

Has your application for a loan modification been denied or delayed by your lender? It's an unfortunate reality that some homeowners desperately in need of a modification have found themselves ...
Continue reading "Denied and Delayed Loan Modification Applications" »

Deciding Whether to Accept a Lender's Offer

If you are having trouble keeping up with your mortgage payments, whether due to job loss, an adjustable rate mortgage or other issue, you may be offered a reinstatement plan by the bank. Should you ...
Continue reading "Deciding Whether to Accept a Lender's Offer" »

Helpful Advice about Loan Modifications

It can be difficult to immediately know whether a loan modification is right for you. Fortunately, there is a wealth of information available on the internet as well as from professionals in your ...
Continue reading "Helpful Advice about Loan Modifications" »

Hardship Letters - Applying for a Loan Modification

One of the requirements for most loan modifications is a written explanation of what event or events have caused or will cause the borrower to fall behind on his or her mortgage payments. This ...
Continue reading "Hardship Letters - Applying for a Loan Modification" »

Qualifying for Loan Modification: Hardships

The key factor in filing a successful loan modification application will be convincing the lender that you are suffering from a hardship that will be resolved if your mortgage payments are modified. A ...
Continue reading "Qualifying for Loan Modification: Hardships" »

Loan Modifications Prove More Profitable to Investors than Foreclosure

According to a recent study by the Center for Responsible Lending (CRL), it has been found that banks and other loan servicers often foreclose even though investors have more to gain from loan ...
Continue reading "Loan Modifications Prove More Profitable to Investors than Foreclosure" »

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Loan Modification Denials

In New Jersey, a class action lawsuit was recently filed against CitiMortgage on behalf of homeowners in the state who were denied mortgage loan modifications. The lawsuit alleged that the lender ...
Continue reading "Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Loan Modification Denials" »

The Benefits of Loan Modification

How can mortgage loan modification help a borrower? It may offer several different options to ease one's financial situation, by: Refinancing your current mortgage Changing the original terms of ...
Continue reading "The Benefits of Loan Modification" »

NY Times Reports a Rise in Defaults in Loan Modification Program

Despite receiving lower monthly payments through the government's loan modification program, the number of homeowners who have defaulting on their mortgages nearly doubled last month, according to ...
Continue reading "NY Times Reports a Rise in Defaults in Loan Modification Program" »

What is a Short Sale and Who Should Consider One?

In a short sale, the lender allows a homeowner to sell his or her property at market value. Although the sale price may be lower than the balance owed on the home, the lender agrees to it because they ...
Continue reading "What is a Short Sale and Who Should Consider One?" »

The “Watch Out” Signs for Loan Modifications

Before you begin the loan modification process, it's important to find an attorney you can trust to negotiate the terms of your loan and protect your best interest. Although a loan modification is ...
Continue reading "The “Watch Out” Signs for Loan Modifications" »

Is a Loan Modification Right for Me?

If you have fallen behind on your mortgage payment, and you do not see any foreseeable way to catch up, a loan modification may be a good option for you. At Jacoby & Jacoby, we have helped ...
Continue reading "Is a Loan Modification Right for Me?" »
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